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Botox and dermal fillers are ideal for skin rejuvenation if you want procedures that are minimally invasive but still produce positive results. The professional staff at BodyCare MedSpa is available to perform any of their skin rejuvenation procedures, including Botox and fillers. If you live in or near the Metuchen, New Jersey area, call and schedule an appointment so you can see what everyone is talking about.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

How does Botox work?

Botox is a unique serum that is manufactured using a neurotoxin that, when injected into the tissues, disrupts signals being sent to and from the brain. This causes the muscles and tissues to relax, improving blood flow and giving the area a fuller, more supple appearance.

Botox doesn't stimulate the production of collagen, so the results aren't as long lasting as other dermal fillers, but it works quite well for areas of the face and neck where tight muscles cause frown lines and creases around the eyes, nose, and mouth. A Botox treatment normally lasts around 15 minutes and produces results that can last up to 4 months. Your MedSpa provider will be able to help you identify when the effects are starting to wear off and when your next treatment should be scheduled.

What are the benefits of Juvederm®?

Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler that when used according to the manufacturer's recommendations can provide dramatic long-term results. It triggers the body's ability to produce both elastin and collagen, firming and toning the skin giving it a more youthful and natural appearance. A Juvederm treatment takes less than 30 minutes with results lasting several months.

Receiving a Juvederm treatment offers minimal risk of infection and has a short recovery period. While the injection area may feel slightly tender for the first day, the results of the procedure are fully noticeable in a few days' time. Juvederm and other dermal fillers offer sustainable results that can be enhanced with each subsequent treatment.

How long do the results Juvederm treatments last?

The results of a Juvederm treatment can last for several months, especially if it’s being used to sustain the benefits of previous treatments. For most patients, an average treatment will last anywhere from six to nine months. Each patient's results will be different depending on the original health and tone of their skin.

Your MedSpa provider recommends receiving another treatment as soon as you notice the effects starting to wear off. Receiving a treatment before the full effects have worn off allows the body to maintain the level of collagen it needs to have toned and healthy skin. Over time, repeated treatments can prolong Juvederm's effects, increasing the amount of time between treatments.

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