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In addition to their urgent care services, the staff of BodyCare and MedSpa also offer primary care services. You can schedule your appointment or walk in the front door. Either way, the staff provides all of its patients living in the Metuchen, New Jersey area the highest quality of care at all times.

Primary Care Q & A

Why are annual checkups an essential part of your healthcare plan?

Annual checkups provide your medical professional with essential information. They not only allow the doctor to monitor your normal day-to-day functions, they can also indicate the presence of abnormalities that may eventually cause greater health issues. Early detection is extremely important, especially if it indicates the presence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or another chronic, long-term illness.

If you normally don't go to the doctor and don't notice any symptoms on a regular basis, your annual checkup can be a lifesaver. Your doctor can use your past medical history to look for potential areas where small problems may arise. This gives you a head start on treatment and keeps small problems from turning into major issues. Early detection also allows your provider to offer you more treatment options than if the condition was caught in later stages.

What is involved in internal medicine?

Internal medicine is a practice area that involves maintaining optimum health through the prevention of certain illnesses. Doctors are able to diagnose and treat many different health conditions by paying close attention to your past medical history and subtle changes that begin to occur within the body.

Internal medicine covers a comprehensive list of illnesses and disease that can affect almost anyone of any age. Doctors can treat both chronic and acute conditions, often on an outpatient basis. For many practitioners, the goal is to prevent many of the most common illnesses while providing effective treatment plans for chronic conditions that have long-term repercussions.

Internal medicine doctors can also identify the potential for illnesses, like heart and kidney disease, that may appear as you age.

What role does early detection play when it comes to chronic illness?

Chronic illness includes conditions that require long term care. Early detection offers an advantage because it allows for more treatment opportunities. It also includes treatment options that may lose effectiveness if used in the later stages of an illness. Uncovering an illness when it first begins to affect your health allows you to possibly slow its progression, allowing you to have a higher quality of life for many years to come.

A yearly physical examination usually uncovers the majority of chronic illnesses. For example, your medical history might indicate you're at high risk for certain conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and pulmonary disease. With that information, your provider knows what to look for when you appear for your annual exam. Thus they're able to identify potential chronic illnesses.

If you’re concerned about the health of your health in general, you should schedule an appointment online for an examination at and BodyCare MedSpa.

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